Bibliography for God, Creation, Humanity and Fall

Core Books/Articles Bird MF, 2013, Evangelical Theology, Grand Rapids: Zondervan Grudem WR, 1994, Systematic Theology, Downers Grove, Il: IVP Milne B, 1982, Know the Truth, Leicester: IVP Additional Recommended Reading Berkhof L, 1966, Systematic Theology, Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Bray G, 1993, The Doctrine of God, Leicester: IVP Calvin J, 1983, Institutes of the Christian … Continue reading Bibliography for God, Creation, Humanity and Fall


Bibliography for 1 Corinthians

Core Books/Articles Fee GD, New International Commentary on the NT 1 Corinthians, Gordon D, Eerdman’s , 1987 Carson DA, Showing the Spirit, Baker Book House, 1987 Gundry RH, 1981 A Survey of the New Testament, Zondervan Publish House: Michigan  Additional Recommended Reading Bruce FF, 1985 The Pauline Circle Paternoster Press: Exeter Bruce FF, 1977 Paul … Continue reading Bibliography for 1 Corinthians

Bibliography for Wisdom and Poetic Literature

Reading Alter R, 1985, The Art of Biblical Poetry, New York: Basic Books Grogan G, 2001, Prayer, Praise and Prophecy, Fearn: Mentor Lucas E, 2003, Exploring the Old Testament Volume 3, The Psalms and Wisdom Literature, London: SPCK Additional Reading Allen LC, 1983, Psalms 101-150, Waco: Word Books Bullock CH, 1979, Introduction to the Old … Continue reading Bibliography for Wisdom and Poetic Literature