Alumni Association

Our prayer is that, as you leave Tilsley College, you will go with good memories of your time here. We believe it is important to maintain the relationship that has been built up over the last one or two years, so we would like to invite you to join the College’s Alumni Association.

This is an informal group, which organises the College Alumni Reunion.

If you would like to join, please subscribe to our newsletter here!

solidariteCollege Bursary Fund

As a student at the college, you have been beneficiary of the college’s Bursary Fund.

This may have been personally through a specific gift from the fund to help with the cost of fees, or as a part of the student body as the fund is used to cover some of the costs of the Mission Awareness Trip and Team Evangelism.

The fund, thus helps to keep Tilsley’s fees low. If, once you have left the college, you would like to contribute to this fund and help support other students in their time at Tilsley, you can do it by mail or online and notify the Finance Director of GLO, that your gift is for TIlsley bursary found.  All the details here!

10£, 20£, 50£ or more, there is no little gift.


Gift Aid
If you are a personal donor who pays UK income tax, then please consider using Gift Aid. The refund of tax from the government adds 25% to the value of your gift. All that is required on your part is a simple declaration which can be downloaded here.