GLO Centre MotherwellWhen Jesus ran his training programme he chose a student group of twelve.  The close inter-personal relationships of such a small group create an ideal environment for discipleship style training.

Tilsley College has an average yearly intake of 12 – 15 students.  This works to your advantage as we can maximise input into each student’s life and seek to tailor the college experience to meet the needs of each student.  This individually appropriate style of training is taken to another level in the second year Internship Scheme which is a church or ministry based time spent working alongside an experienced Christian worker.

Tilsley College opened in 1974 with a view to training people for Christian service in the UK and abroad. Since then hundreds of students have come through our doors and many of them are now serving God across the world.

We offer a one year and a two year programme which combine theological and biblical reflection with practical experience. In the first year, most students are residential and therefore also learn by living together in community. The second year is mainly church based and run as a ministry apprenticeship or internship programme. 26 weeks of the year are spent in this placement church (or parachurch organisation) with six weeks of intensive teaching at the college. Other weeks include one of spiritual formation and helping lead teams in our Team Evangelism week.

The programmes run from the end of September until June each year and the fees which cover tuition, accommodation and full board can be found on the college’s main website. In addition, we open up this course to external access students who wish to study a limited number of units. Have a look at the Open Access Programme to see which units are available.

Both the one year programme (Certificate of Higher Education in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry) and the two year programme (Diploma of Higher Education in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry) are accredited by the European Evangelical Accreditation Association (EEAA) and entry to these programmes requires successful completion of secondary education (normally evidenced in UK by pass grades in either A levels or Scottish Highers). Special entrance is possible for mature students where consideration may be given for work and ministry experience in lieu of a normal set of secondary school completion certificates. All prospective students will be required to give evidence of personal faith in Jesus Christ and commitment to follow Biblical teaching. Candidates from non-English education systems will be required to demonstrate sufficient fluency in English to study on the course. Direct entrance to the second year is dependent upon completion of the first year, or equivalent theological studies.

Both programmes can be followed simply as a means of personal spiritual development without looking for a certificate at the end. This can be full-time or part-time. Please contact the college office for details of when teaching weeks are and what topics are available.

For more information, please visit our website.


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