Uday and Silvia Bagdas Testimony

Uday and Silvia Bagdas Testimony

Kairos Mission

16326201_10154543995713089_1397811317_oI am Uday and my wife Silvia Bagdas. I am from India and Silvia from Romania, we married in 2014 in Bucharest. We are missionaries under Kairos Agency from Romania working in the part of West Bengal in a place called Dooars in India. We met in YWAM –  Youth with A Mission in Kalimpong India.

Uday personal testimony:

I received Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour in 2005, actually I am from a very devoted Hindu family background where I grew up idol worshiping gods and many cultural bondages. So I was very sick from my childhood till my young age family couldn’t take care of me because of financial problems. When I was young, I realised that my sickness was quite serious and I was about to die. I was waiting my time for death but God is great, a Christian brother told me to believe in Jesus Christ so I could receive healing. One morning I was watching television and there was a Christian prayer program going on and I knelt down and started to pray ‘Jesus if you are true God then heal my sickness then I give my life to you’. As I was praying God inspired me to confess my sin and  suddenly Spirit of God came to me and I started to cry like anything, after while I feel my sickness gone and healing came.  Before  this, I couldn’t  sleep all the night for many years but when God healed me  I was able to sleep well and was filled with peace and joy  that I had become a Christian. I was the first one in my village who came to believe in the true God. After that came many persecutions, hatred from family and people but I didn’t give up my faith. I started to pray for people then God slowly chose many people including my brother’s family. Then I went to training school in YWAM, I completed one-year training after that I met my wife Silvia.

15943245_10154543995638089_1066846331_oSilvia testimony: Silvia received Jesus when she was 11 years old and her desire is to work for the Lord from her childhood. When she was small, she used to talk about Jesus to her friends and some of her friends came to Christ. When she grew up she desired to be a missionary in India. After our marriage God made us strong for his Kingdom so we are working together ever since.

Mission: We are with some Muslim children and Hindu children all together we have 100 children. We teach them singing, praying, Jesus history and some activity work like arts. We give them food  once a week because they have lack of food and some of them go to school and some they don’t go. Their parents sent them to break stones in order to survive.

16325869_10154543995478089_343471735_oWe have another evangelism group and  altogether we are eight persons. The last week of the month we go to unreached people group for gospel. We all stay in the village for a week and go door to door visiting for the gospel and we show them Jesus dramas, skits and preaching. In this way many people have come to Christ.

Prayer Points:

Future plans:

  1. Evangelise through providing vocational training for young people for their income like training tailoring, hair cutting, beautician, electronic, driving.

      2. School for childrens education.

Needs : projector for movie gospel, generator and a vehicle mini bus


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