Public Lecture by Dr Ian Burness

Tilsley College event

From Glasgow to Garenganze, reassesing the life and impact of Arnot.
Iann Burness grew up in Alberdeen. He became a Christian as a boy, and confirmed his faith when baptised as a teenager.
After studies in medecine in Aberdeen University and then marrying Margaret, a teacher in 1973, they went together to Africa in 1979. Ian ran a mission hospital on the Zambian/angolan border and worked in local churches amond the Lubale people.
Their first location in Zambia was at Chitololoki, a center for mission work established during Amot’s last trip to central Africa in 1914.
This started an interest in the life and impact of FS Amot, which in recent years has resulted in him nearing the completion of a biography and assesment of Amot’s life.
After returning to the UK in 1990, Ian worked with Echoes of Service, a mission service organisation based in Bath where he was General Director until 2015.

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