Bibliography for God, Creation, Humanity and Fall

Core Books/Articles

  • Bird MF, 2013, Evangelical Theology, Grand Rapids: Zondervan
  • Grudem WR, 1994, Systematic Theology, Downers Grove, Il: IVP
  • Milne B, 1982, Know the Truth, Leicester: IVP

Additional Recommended Reading

  • Berkhof L, 1966, Systematic Theology, Edinburgh: Banner of Truth
  • Bray G, 1993, The Doctrine of God, Leicester: IVP
  • Calvin J, 1983, Institutes of the Christian Religion vols. 1 & 2, Eerdmans
  • Erickson M, 1998, Christian Theology, Grand Rapids, Il: Baker
  • Henry CFH, 1999, God, Revelation and Authority vols. 1-6, Paternoster
  • House HW, 1992, Charts of Christian Theology and Doctrine, Grand Rapids: Zondervan
  • Kelly JND, 1977, Early Christian Doctrines, London: A & C Black
  • McGrath AE, 1990, Understanding the Trinity, Eastbourne, East Sussex: Kingsway Publications
  • McGrath AE (ed), 1995, The Christian Theology Reader, Oxford: Blackwell Publishers Ltd
  • Packer JI, 1993, Concise Theology, Tyndale
  • Sherlock C, 1996, The Doctrine of Humanity, Leicester: IVP
  • Thielicke H, 1997, The Evangelical Faith vols. 1-3, Edinburgh: T&T Clark

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