Bibliography for 1 Corinthians

Core Books/Articles

  • Fee GD, New International Commentary on the NT 1 Corinthians, Gordon D, Eerdman’s , 1987
  • Carson DA, Showing the Spirit, Baker Book House, 1987
  • Gundry RH, 1981 A Survey of the New Testament, Zondervan Publish House: Michigan

 Additional Recommended Reading

  • Bruce FF, 1985 The Pauline Circle Paternoster Press: Exeter
  • Bruce FF, 1977 Paul – Apostle of the Free Spirit Paternoster Press: Exeter
  • Craig AE & Porter SE: 2000 The Dictionary of New Testamnet Background IVP: Illinois
  • Goodman M. 1997 The Roman World 44BC – AD180 Routledge: London
  • Guthrie D, 1970 New Testament Introduction, IVP: Illinois
  • Packer JI, Tenney MC & White W, 1982 The world of the New Testament . Window Books: Alton UK
  • Thiselton AC, 2000, The First Epistle to the Corinthians in The New International Greek Testament Commentary, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans
  • Webb WJ, 2001 Slaves, Women & Homosexuals – Exploring the Hermenutics of cultural analysis, Downers Grove Il.: IVP Academic
  • Winter BW, 2001 After Paul Left Corinth – The influence of Secular ethics and Social change Michigan: Eerdmans Publishing Co
  • Witherington B III, 1995, Conflict and Community in Corinth – A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary on 1 and 2 Corintians, Eerdmans: Grand Rapids

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